Small Wonders - Emily Carr


Free-spirited Emily runs afoul of her Father’s strict English ways in a lively, funny, and touching musical about this wonder-filled girl.   Embracing her passions will put her at odds with strait-laced Victoria, but “Millie’s” irrepressible love for nature, art, and animals will shape the course of her life.

“How wonderful and how rich an experience it was for me to see your vision transformed on stage.
Your music composition, the lyrics, storyline, and staging rang so true for me.
Your performers were pitch perfect in the
most complete sense of that term.”
Jan Ross, Curator, Emily Carr House, National Historic Site



Audience Suitability K-9 (and 10-12 if in a theatre setting)

Fees:  $575 (lower mainland) to $750.  $650 for block bookings (ie.Edmonton/Calgary)