We finished our tour of over forty cities and towns and are excited to be heading to Eastern Canada for summer shows.  We’ve also been invited to the prestigious Metropolis Conference in Ottawa this coming June before we perform in Halifax. Being at Pier 21 on and around Canada Day will be particularly amazing.    I’ve been practicing my Cape Breton style piano and accent!

From Kindergarten students to high school students,   teachers to invited guests,   gymnasiums to theatres to community halls, we’ve travelled across B.C. and Alberta and are honored by the emotional response to the story.   One teacher counted 7 times that they cried during the show,   and it is a common theme that audiences have been tremendously moved, even as they are caught up in the humor and beautiful music.

Along the way we’ve also been touched to meet so many people whose lives have been affected by Pier 21, or the events of World War Two.

Aleyda Campbell, a Dutch War bride, brought her daughter, grand daughter and great- grand daughter to the show.   Her husband Colin came through Juno Beach to liberate the South part of Holland (Oos).  Doris Gregory, a 98 year old Canadian Women’s Army Corps veteran, came to see our own C.W.A.C. singers in action. In our show, we mention the sinking of the Athenia, a passenger ship that frequented Pier 21 which was sunk by a torpedo on the day England declared war on Germany.   The daughter of a survivor of the Athenia happened to be in the audience, and I was able to meet her 94 year old mother in Drumheller who showed me telegrams and newsclippings of the tragedy that happened when she was a six year old passenger     Besides meeting descendants of inmates of concentration camps, and a teacher whose father was in the Luftwaffe, we’ve also met many descendants of immigrants who came through Pier 21 as well as the grand-daughter of a home child.

Clearly, these events in our story, though they happened decades ago have a deep resonance even today and as we approach the 75th anniversary of D-day and next year’s 75th anniversary of VE day, we feel humbled to share a little of how those events shaped our country today.