Birth of the CPR


“…historically accurate, hysterically funny show.” Daphne MacNaughton, Victoria

“The audience was absolutely riveted to the action from beginning to end. A thoroughly enjoyable show about a thoroughly Canadian Tale.”Peter Hewitt, Nanaimo

“Fast-paced, witty, and very entertaining. The music and lyrics were catchy. First-rate!” S. Lowes, Delta

“We have had many different groups perform…including musical, dance and theatre groups and your performance stands out as one of the best we have seen…enjoyed the blend of history, music, and entertainment. Congratulations on an excellent show!” Joan Kloss, Surrey

“The skillful and creative blend of music, drama and humour in both the lyrics and acting had the audience totally involved, entertained, inspired and certainly educated. Your collective talents are truly amazing.” Christina Brown, Qualicum

“Our family was so inspired by the story you told that we immediately bought several of Pierre Berton’s history books to further investigate the building of the railway.” Heather More, Canyon, B.C.

“You and your group are to be commended for your top notch writing and performing. You made a part of our history exciting and entertaining.” Wayne Pawhl, Kindersley, Sask

Additional comments from Artscan

“Absolutely wonderful!”

“Transports one back in time”

“Great for all ages”

“Very lively and engaging”

“Bring BC history to life”

“Excellent use of political events and historical ones”

“Historically accurate with style, creativity and humour”

“Very well planned, well sung, well danced”

“An entertaining look at the unification of Canada through the CPR”

“Wonderful combination of music and theatre”