“Allen’s ‘Artist in Residence Program’  was absolutely first rate.  The kids came up with the ideas and lyrics themselves.  They loved seeing a professional product as the result of their efforts.  Our class even created a simple dance to go with their song and then performed both song and dance as a whole presentation.”  Chris Vanderwaard Grade 5 teacher

“Can we please ask him to play the train song again?,”  my students pleaded as we lined up for “Artist in Residence” class.  From the first day the children and I  were engaged in our lessons with Allen Desnoyers,  he not only entertained us with his expert playing , but was able to take our long jumbled  list of ideas and help the children to select words and a melody to create their own song. Better still, we practised and recorded it! The children sang out and stood tall as they performed their song for the school.  If you are interested in having an “Artist in Residence” work with your students…..Jump at the chance of having Allen Desnoyers come to your school!”    Joy Fraser, Grade 3/4 teacher

“Each class in our school developed  a song with a different and unique genre and beat.  The tunes were very catchy and upbeat.  It was amazing to watch Allen guide the children through the development of a song – both the lyrics and the melody.  He incorporated a variety of instruments in the various songs so students were introduced to a variety of sounds.  The resulting songs far exceeded my expectations.  Because we chose school virtues as a theme, all the lyrics were easy to incorporate into our school programs.   In fact, we start every year by singing our favourites.” Sharon Taylor,  Grade 4 teacher

“Allen Desnoyers is not only a highly talented and creative musician, he is a skilled and motivating educator.  He has a way with music and a way with kids.  The students in our school truly enjoyed and looked forward to their sessions working with Allen. ” A year later, we are using the CD as an integral part of our school music program.  However, listening to and singing the songs, each one focussed on a different value,  also provides a fun, entertaining way to meet one of our school goals…’Social Responsibility’. “The teachers at our school feel honoured to have had the opportunity to work with Allen and to have learned from him.” Zeta Funk, Grade One teacher

“The ‘Artist in Residence Program’ offered by Allen Desnoyers was an amazing experience for the children to go through….. the whole writing creative process of writing songs… seeing even the simplest of ideas develop into such a professional and polished finished product.  The final project, a recorded CD of songs written by the students, is so good that we think it could be played on a radio station and be enjoyed by all.  The students were inordinately proud of their work.” Rebecca Rennison, special needs teacher